Ride the Flint Hills Trail and Prairie Spirit Trail State Parks

Ottawa Bike and Trail is located at the intersection of the Flint Hills Trail State Park and the Prairie Spirit Trail State Park.  These are the largest rail-trails in Kansas, providing over 150 miles of trail through some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes of Kansas.

We want to make it easy for you to discover and explore these incredible trails.   We offer a bicycle shuttle service, trail transportation, and supported trail tours.  We are also a resource for trail information.  We also love providing information and consultation to make your visit to the trails a success.  Check out our trail services and information below.

Bicycle Shuttle Service 

 Our bicycle shuttle service allows you to experience more of the Flint Hills Trail or Prairie Spirit Trail without having to worry about your car!   We’ll transport you and your bicycle to any location on the trail so that you can ride at your own pace and enjoy more of the trail.  You can choose one of our scheduled shuttle dates or let us design a custom trip for you or your group.

Custom Trail Transportation and Tours

Want to plan a group or family outing on the trails?  Let us work with you to develop a custom touring plan.  We’ll provide advice, guidance and transportation support to make your visit a success.  We can transport up to 12 riders, bicycles and equipment in our well-equiped and comfortable transit van.  We can even provide bicycles and other equipment.  

Flint Hills Trail State Park Information

The Flint Hills Trail State Park is 94 miles of rail-trail running from Osawatomie Kansas to Council Grove Kansas.   Check out our detailed trail guide for the park here.

Prairie Spirit Trail State Park Information

The Prairie Spirit Trail State Park is 52 miles of rail-trail running from Ottawa Kansas to Iola Kansas.   Check out our trail information here.

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