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Surly Lightweight Neck Toob – Wool, Black, 150gm, One Size


Hi, I’m the Surly Lightweight Neck Toob. You might remember me from such films as “It’s Cold! Don’t Forget Your Neck Toob!” and “Look At This Thing, It Came From a Sheep!” Right now you might be thinking, “But Surly, I already have a Neck Gaiter from you guys. Do I really need a Neck Toob?” And the answer is maybe. Unlike the existing Neck Gaiter, which is made of a light inner layer and a midweight outer layer, I’m made of two lightweight layers. For those days when it’s too chilly to leave your face and neck exposed but not cold enough for the full-blown Gaiter, I try to provide a nice, moisture-wicking alternative. I’m sized to fit most necks, and I can be worn a bunch of different ways.

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